Monday, June 11, 2007


I was hoping to write a story of the Trois Pistole's first-ever softball victory tonight. Alas, it wasn't meant to be: not a single member of the other team showed up!

Nevertheless, our team of NYC professionals made a very impressive appearance: the entire team made it to the field early for a 5:30 game... on a Monday afternoon!

The field (if you could call it that) was on Houston Street & FDR drive. It is a tiney space between the highway and the East River. Left field was so shallow it would've been easy for even the worst hitter to hit a home run on every at-bat!

The umpire patiently waited around until 5:45 when he called the game in our favor. After that, we practiced for a few minutes and then went to the bar for happy hour.

We were drinking and carrying-on for about three hours until we requested the check. It came to $550. We felt this was a bit high but nobody really thought too much of it. On closer inspection, Kara noticed that a veggie burger -- which we didn't order -- had made its way onto the tab. We presented this evidence to the waitress who re-crunched the numbers and presented us with a bill for only $260!!

So with two losses and two forfits, we are well on our way to the playoffs. Enjoy the pictures!

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David said...

Hey we did play a little bit, and we drank a ridiculous amount of liquor.

There a couple pictures from behind the batter looking towards the field and you see the looks cool.

btw I am ridiculously hungover, and you never responded to my other comment